Last weekend was A’s business school 5-year reunion in Philly.  As with any b-school reunion, there was fun stuff (galas, picnics, drinking under tents) and boring stuff (“Now, 5 years out, let’s talk about how to grow your leadership even further”).  So I skipped the boring stuff and hopped a train to New York, where I met up with a friend to eat at David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar on the lower east side.  Depicted here: the roasted pig tails with pickled daikon, the famous pork belly buns that started it all, and the classic ramen.  Most notable was, as expected, the pork belly buns; as you’ll see, there are not one but two super fatty slices of the glorious stuff tucked away in each bun, and when you picked it up, it literally dripped delicious fat onto your plate.  It’s one of those dishes where the first bite was genuinely life-altering, but then each subsequent bite starts making you feel ickier and ickier because it is just so terribly, horrifyingly rich.  Once I finished, I had to sit there for 30 seconds to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack.

Momo pigtailsMomo pork bunsMomo ramen


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